Visualization: Powerful Rudder That Keeps You On Course to Achieving Success

“The very first time I realized the power of visualization, keeping your eye and focus on what you want, was when I ended up buying and living in the house of my dreams,” Jodi recalls. Back then she didn’t know the term for it, nor could she fully grasp its ramifications.

Discovering Your Passion Is Easy, But Staying on Course Isn’t

Meditation is more than a cool trend. It aligns us with who we really are explains Esther Hicks, a world-renowned inspirational speaker and author.She says that it’s so simple. It’s about discovering what makes us happy and will bring more happiness into our lives. It’s not just about stopping the momentum of the boulder running …

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Reach for Your Dreams

By Lynda Dell You learn the most from your failures, providing that you actually take the risks. Sometimes things don’t go according to your best laid plans. Forcing them to happen is not the best strategy. I know, I had this great idea, but when  implemented it  didn’t yield the results that I anticipated. I …

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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I used to believe in Murphy’s Law;  “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong,” and things always went from bad to worse. It seemed like my life was caught  in a vicious  negative cycle —until I realized that I had the power to derail this runaway train. Has this ever happened to you? You shut …

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Designer’s Unbridled Passion

  Amy Ragsdale was a little girl with big dreams who believed in the impossible. More than anything when she was age seven, this tenacious child yearned to have a horse—even though she had no money and didn’t live on a farm. While growing up her older sisters lectured her constantly that it was just …

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