About Lynda Dell

Miss Lynda and Red!

Welcome to Resilient Families Thrive!

If you’re an early childhood educator, mental health professional, or a parent, I created this resource for you.

I’m Lynda Dell a PA certified early childhood teacher, who has worked with families for more than 15 years.

I’m on a mission to create a resource to empower moms with young anxious children to grow more resilient, happier families post pandemic.

On the front lines from Zooming with my students and from conversations with colleagues, I could see the potential emotional toll on families.

So, I’ve reached out to mental health professionals and certified trauma therapists, and authors for science-based, mindful approaches, daily practices, activities, and techniques that build resiliency.

Please join me as we explore tips for parents of preschool to school age children to curb fear, reduce anxiety, and increase mindfulness.

Let’s make something together.