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My amazing year wasn’t a fluke! When I was stuck and confused because I felt like I was being pulled in a million directions, I needed a rudder to ground me and align me with my purpose.

My amazing year wasn’t a fluke! When I was stuck and confused because I felt like I was being pulled in a million directions, I needed a rudder to ground me and align me with my purpose.

That was when I reached out to  Jodi Silverman, a certified life coach and founder of Moms Who Dare and more recently Moms Who Double Dare, and participated in her Rediscover You workshop last February.

Her vision board workshop reawakened a passion deep within me.

She gave us permission to dream, to embrace change by stepping out of our past and being open to new possibilities and avenues for growth.

  • She created a sacred space within her home, a haven, to share our most intimate thoughts, without anyone passing judgment. I felt a kinship with all the other mothers and daughters who felt comfortable to share their victories and challenges with us.
  • She used meditation to help us quiet our minds and think clearly about who we are or what we want to be, what we want to do, and what we want to Before the workshop, she helped us collect our thoughts on the Dream Sheets that she supplied.
  • She explored habits that we need to begin and change. Until I wrote them down, I didn’t realize what was holding me back the most—for me self-doubt, being too focused on how things would play out as opposed to taking a more playful approach to the “new”, comparing myself with my peers.


Two habits helped me the most: patience to allow for my development and growth to unfold naturally and an abundance of self-love. As moms, we sometimes forget to consider our own needs and to honor our ideas and dreams.

The bottom line, it’s been incredible year!

Every day when I look at my vision board (the imagery and words) I am reminded of my three mindset goals:

  • Be grateful for all the blessings in my life, with pictures of my family prominently placed in the center.
  • Do what brings you joy.
  • Help empower others, writing and telling their story and giving them a voice.
  • Teach and lead the next generation.

I “Seize the Day!”  like my words state on my vision board, so I am reminded to live each day to its fullest. I start each day from a place of gratitude, consider what will bring me joy, find ways to empower others and to teach and lead.

My first realization was that if I cling to what used to be, then I’d be stuck living in the past. Before the workshop, I was holding on to things that didn’t serve me with a white-knuckled grip. Once I realized that I was beating myself up for not being better, stronger, faster, you name it, I stepped out of my own way.

The key for me has been to stop focusing on what is lacking, and begin to envision the possibilities that could occur, using all my senses to feel and believe it.

Doors began opening.

You might say that I’m on cloud nine, and you’d be right. But I discovered that the Universe is filled with infinite possibilities; the fun is allowing things to play out without thinking that you need to control every detail or that there is only one way for them to unfold.

The Rediscover You workshop opened a world of possibilities for me, and I’m loving it!

If you do get off course,  Silverman’s  biggest advice is to not beat yourself up. Take it as a learning experience to regroup and look at what worked and what didn’t in that time frame. Try to focus on what you can do to get back on target. She also advises before you quiet your mind, set your intention for the meditation with a question: I wonder, what could I do differently?

Silverman dares on with her Dream it! Feel it! See it! Create it! Vision Board Workshop in Willow Grove, PA  held February 23, 2019; here’s your opportunity to get in on the fun.


If you want to read about writers, artists, and creatives who at 40+are discovering  their passion or be introduced to dream seekers who are realizing their dreams,  then visit my Women Who Dare to Dream blog.


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