How Writing Became My Purpose and Passion

As a teen, I was a “closet writer” with a rich fantasy life. I escaped to a world that I had penned, one where I had the courage of my convictions, I took initiative, and “do overs” were commonplace, especially replaying conversations or acting out scenarios in my head, which often yielded better results than in real life. Even my dark poetry was never exposed to the public eye, until my perspective slowly began to shift.

Suddenly, I began to look at the world through a lens of gratitude, noticing and appreciating the beauty and the wonder of the world, and I shared my positive message with anyone who would listen, despite how things played out in my own life.

Because now I was also able to capture and give color, shape, and form to my ideas and visions on canvas, or whatever I had on hand. Sharing became as natural as breathing for me.

But my writer’s journey really began when I was given the opportunity to give back to my dear friend and mentor of many years in a personal, meaningful way.

How do you begin to thank someone who changed the entire course of your life?

She believed in me even before I believed in myself, recommending me for  opportunities that I could scarcely imagine.

So when my mentor, Rita  Siegel, was retiring as the education director of the same religious school that she established, I had to find a really big way to acknowledge how this visionary planted the seeds that would become Kol Ami Religious School.

Step 1: Dream big, way outside of your comfort zone

Ask yourself if you are imposing boundaries on your dreams. Even though I had never done anything like this before, it never crossed my mind that it couldn’t be accomplished.

Before I even knew how this would play out, I found myself spearheading a school-wide project that everyone would contribute to.

I began to think of Rita’s vision as a tiny seed that bloomed into a mature jeweled oak tree. Then I thought of the way that Golda Meir’s vision had shaped the modern state of Israel , which I symbolized with a full grown inverted cactus nestled in the oak tree’s core. Somehow I knew that a companion book would need to be created to explain how their visions took root.

The easy part was fleshing out my vision because everything fell into place, and everyone   whom I reached out to was willing to do whatever was asked of them.

Step 2: Flow with the positive momentum, feel the excitement

The interesting thing was the more I discussed my vision for the project, the more I began  to experience synergy—even the fabric for the tapestry came from trading a roll of canvas for a silk curtain fabric that the art teacher happened to have on hand.

As long as I flowed with the momentum, I somehow I knew that each time  I encountered a challenge,  solutions would present themselves to me, if I was open to shifting my perspective.

The New York Times best-selling authors Esther and Jerry Hicks refer to this as being a “Vibrational Match” to what you anticipate will occur—even before it has manifested.

Step 3: Prepare yourself and others for the task

Sometimes to accomplish big things, you need to have buy-in from your entire team, so they need to have a clear understanding of your vision and, more importantly, of their role in the process.

Step 4: Be courageous enough to share your dream

Featured Image -- 502

At the end, the two stories intersected and became the design for the full-length tapestry.  When my stomach became queasy and my knees shook, I convinced myself that this was more than just a presentation in front of the entire school, rather it was about giving the most precious gift that I possibly could.

She loved the tapestry so much that she didn’t want it to be framed to hang in the synagogue. Its rightful place turned out to be spread out across her dining room table protected by a layer of clear glass.

While working on this art/ history project, I felt giddy with the excitement bubbling up inside of me. I experienced such a deep satisfaction that I had never felt before and longed to feel again by continuing to share my writing.

Oh my God, I had chills, my heart sang out with joy! It had awakened a deep passion within me to share other people’s stories. And I knew that another door was opening just a crack, enough for me to slip through, and I did. By reaching out to everyday heroes in my community who were eager to share their stories, their moments of triumph punctuated by the daily challenges they had faced, I was able to get their stories published.

Step 5: Discover your niche

This led to becoming a voice for nonprofits who are transforming lives every day, to raising awareness for causes that I am passionate about, and most importantly to encouraging others to join their mission.

Let me tell your story, share your vulnerabilities, hardships, struggles, and life’s lessons, and, yes, of course, your achievements.  Then we can build a community of dreamers, seekers, and doers. What’s stopping you? Are you stuck? Or have you figured things out?

I encourage you to share, comment, and join this community of enlightened individuals.


If you want to read about dreamers who are discovering  their passion or learn about  dream seekers who are realizing their dreams ,  then visit my Dare to Dream blog and check out Lynda Dell’s latest stories “A Soldier’s Journey to Social Consciousness.”

My hope is to encourage the dreamers to take the risks and learn from the  dream seekers  who are  connecting the dots and want to guide others to discover their purpose and realize their dreams, too. I will be interviewing dream makers like Rick Giandonato who inspire dreamers to exceed their reach. Is that you?

If you are a dreamer or dream seeker, let’s connect on LinkedIn so that I can tell your story. If you are a dream maker and  already have millionaire habits, then I want to share them!


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