Discovering Your Passion Is Easy, But Staying on Course Isn’t

Meditation is more than a cool trend. It aligns us with who we really are explains Esther Hicks, a world-renowned inspirational speaker and author.She says that it’s so simple. It’s about discovering what makes us happy and will bring more happiness into our lives.

It’s not just about stopping the momentum of the boulder running downhill, but rather making sure that you aren’t creating that negativity in the first place. We bring the good things to us with our thoughts, and we bring the negative energy also by focusing on what we lack.

If you are like most people, as soon as you get angry or become resentful, you carry that anger with you throughout your day. That boulder of negativity colors every encounter in your day. And when you don’t allow those feelings to dissipate, then you carry that momentum with you day every time you think and talk about what made you angry.

But you can reverse course only when you realize that you are building up resistance to what your heart desires. Hicks says that things will come to you faster when you learn how to get out of your own way.

Step 1: Stop and take a breath

As soon as you start to get angry, frustrated, or any other negative emotion, before you react to the situation, take a breath, step back and ask yourself: Am I going against the current and creating internal resistance? You can’t control others, but you can control how you respond to them, which may in turn change how they respond to you. So, when you change your thoughts, you lay new tracks. that will shift the momentum.

Step 2: Start your day with gratitude

Everyday Hicks says that you have the opportunity to start over if you can learn how to let go of yesterday’s negativity and feel the gratitude for all the little and big blessings in your life. Ignore what you can’t see or hasn’t happened yet, and reach for something positive, even if you have to start with being thankful for your soft, comfortable pillow.

Step 3: Go general to start the positive momentum

Let’s say that you are angry because you don’t feel that you are paid enough for what you do, or you haven’t found your soulmate yet, then Hicks says to go general. Focusing on the big picture takes you out of  victim mode, until you start to feel good about yourself again. The key is to love and forgive yourself for falling short of your expectations.

Then the climb can be as enjoyable as reaching your destination. The key is to get swept up in the positive momentum as long as you can throughout your day and be attuned to your own interference or resistance.


If you want to read about dreamers who are discovering  their passion or learn about  dream seekers who are realizing their dreams ,  then visit my Dare to Dream blog and check out Lynda Dell’s latest stories “A Soldier’s Journey to Social Consciousness.”

My hope is to encourage the dreamers to take the risks and learn from the  dream seekers  who are  connecting the dots and want to guide others to discover their purpose and realize their dreams, too. I will be interviewing dream makers like Rick Giandonato who inspire dreamers to exceed their reach. Is that you?

If you are a dreamer or dream seeker, let’s connect on LinkedIn so that I can tell your story. If you are a dream maker and  already have millionaire habits, then I want to share them!


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