When Dreams Become Reality

I thought that it was just an ordinary day, but I was so wrong.

As I connect the dots, I realize  the trajectory that my life has taken began five years ago with a life-visioning class that awakened my passion to write.

My day began like so many others. At 5:30 am, my alarm sang sweetly to me, the first three times then  incessantly beeped every five minutes–even after I was wide awake, ready to hurl it out the nearest window.

Shivering in almost complete darkness, I used my cell phone to dress, without disturbing my husband, who already shut off the radio alarm three times. I snuck downstairs, as the rest of my family slept, to pack  lunch and  gulp down my instant oatmeal breakfast.

Take steps

To move forward and continue to learn and grow, I needed to step out of my comfort zone.

So during  my lunch break, I had to call my publisher and admit to her that I still couldn’t figure out how to post  my next story on the new platform. After weeks of trying,  I still couldn’t do it—even after following step-by-step directions in the FAQ’s section. I submitted my story weeks in advance but discovered recently that it  had not been received by the editor.

Since no one had responded to my emails, I  had to speak with an actual person who could walk me through the process.  To tell you the truth, technology  isn’t really my strong suit—but I had to get this resolved.

Stay grounded

I was hoping that understanding this new work platform would be quick and painless. She confirmed that my story was not received and started to explain how it’s supposed to work.

“By the way,  the column that you are launching in December…,” she paused.

“Yes,”  I said stringing together a million scenarios in my head, unsure of where the conversation was going because initially my column was supposed to come out in September.

“It made the front cover.” My heart stopped; I could barely get the words out. This took me completely by surprise. After I hung up, I thrust my fist into the air and shouted ,“Yes, it’s really happening!”  I could scarcely breathe and the momentum kept building all day long.

Fulfilling my dream

As I shared  the news with my colleagues, I received many hugs and I felt absolutely invincible.

As sweet  as that was, it didn’t compare with the hug that  I received later that day from the life coach whose class started me on my path so long ago. She helped me create my first vision board(which has the words “Dare to Dream” that five years later  would then become my blog). At the time , I didn’t know about SMART goals let alone how to work toward achieving them. She instructed  each of us to write  a letter addressed to ourselves  that she would send to us one year later. Yesterday, I  reread this letter:


You are taking baby steps toward fulfilling your dream. Coming tonight, taking the time out of your busy, hectic life is a small step. The next steps need to be taken. God has given you a gift that you need to share. It will not happen, if you don’t keep taking steps to make it happen. You  need to carve out time every day to write and create. When you do, then you are moving closer to your dream.

It’s not about fame and fortune…”

Sometimes you  feel like you are standing still until you begin to connect the dots and realize that you are much closer to realizing your dream. I now believe that the seeds I planted, the steps I have taken—my diligence, research, and commitment are beginning to pay off.

In “Leveraging the Universe” New York Times best-selling author Mike Dooley believes that if you want  to manifest change and take advantage of the infinite possibilities of the Universe, then you need to acknowledge and appreciate the blessings in your life.

He says start from where you are to leverage your  skills, talents, and knowledge to reach your goals. Take steps he advises to achieve them. There is a whole Universe of possibilities that will unfold he says when you stop worrying about how this will all play out.

Every day I begin from a place of gratitude that fills me up.I have found that when I  get locked into thinking that there is only one way to be successful, one way for this to happen, then I get stuck, or worse yet I slide backwards.

As I look back, I remember where I was when I wrote the letter, before all these ideas took root. But for me, and so many other dream seekers, fulfilling my purpose is about much more than seeing my byline or receiving recognition. It’s about  reaching out to people and touching lives and hearts with my words.

I now understand just how much  my thoughts determine my reality.

When you connect the dots, can you see how you are fulfilling your dream?


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