Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

I used to believe in Murphy’s Law;  “Whatever can go wrong will go wrong,” and things always went from bad to worse. It seemed like my life was caught  in a vicious  negative cycle —until I realized that I had the power to derail this runaway train.

Has this ever happened to you? You shut off the alarm three times and jump out of bed when you realize just  how late it is. Rushing around in the dark, so as not to wake your spouse, you stub your toe on the bed. And then you can’t find your  car keys. As your day continues, things  get progressively worse, so you begin to think: What else could possibly go wrong? And sure enough more things do.

Commiserating  with my co-workers and peers about how unfair life is occupied much of my time.  I would validate being miserable and unhappy by pointing out everything that happened to me.

But then I started to search from within for answers and discovered that I had the power to change my life, just by changing my thoughts. I didn’t believe it either– until I decided to give  it a try and it actually worked.

The counterpart  to Murphy’s Law is  “Whatever can go right will continue to go right.” It begins with having positive thoughts and  a heaping daily dose of gratitude says New Yok Times best-selling author Mike Dooley in “Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic.”  By changing your thoughts, you can  change the events, circumstances, and people that you attract into your life notes Dooley.

At first, it began to work with little things– like attracting a close parking spot or thinking about a friend and then she would call.

That’s how I met my dear friend, Debra Wallace Forman, who showed me how reach out and grab your reader’s heart with a story. That was a turning point for me.

Four years ago, when I attended her workshop at the Philadelphia Writers Conference,  I asked this veteran  journalist  for advice on  how to get my story published in a premier  Jewish newspaper after my first query letter went unanswered. Afterward,  I stepped into the break room and began thumbing through  the magazines that could become potential resources for submitting stories.

I looked up when she spoke: “ I didn’t really answer your question?”

Although we had  just met, it seemed as though we had always known each other. And I discovered that we were neighbors, walking distance from each other. About a week later we met for lunch.

“You have the meat and potatoes,” she said after reading  my story. “But there’s no gravy.” I finally understood what my story lacked: passion.

This time my new query letter, sent to the same publication, prompted a phone call from the editor the next day. You  guessed it; my story ran a couple weeks later.  That article, which was matted and framed on my bedroom wall, reminds me that all things are possible when I   believe in myself—even when the undercurrent of self-doubt seeps into my awareness .

Experts say to start and end your day with gratitude. Spend at least five to ten minutes every day  closing your eyes and feeling grateful for everything that  you have—list all of your blessings one by one. Even better  start a daily gratitude journal, too.

 If you do everything  that you can from where you are right now, taking steps and believing that anything is possible, then you will tap into the magic of the Universe Dooley says.

Does that sound incredible? Well, it is if you consider that you can change your life just by changing your thoughts.

Do me a favor, if this was helpful, please like  and share it. If I totally missed the mark, then call me on it.

Next week I’ll explore  million-dollar daily habits that lead to wealth and abundance.



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