Painting Your Story with Words

Hello Fellow Dreamers!

I am embarking on a journey to discover my divine purpose. I believe that everyone is blessed with talents and gifts to share, and it is up to us to discover and fully explore them.

I am at a crossroads in my career, and I am being pulled in a new direction—one outside of the early child classroom where I have taught for 17 years. In the classroom is where  I rediscovered my inner child, full of wonder and joy as I experience things anew through the eyes of a child—building a snowman, throwing a snowball, learning to write words and sentences, studying fossils. But the passion and joy is not there like it used to be.

Currently, I feel compelled to explore my gifts as a writer, artist, and educator. The natural starting point is for me to interview writers, artists, artisans, and dreamers to highlight their accomplishments as they follow their passions.

In the following weeks, I am going to interview those dream seekers.

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  1. amy says:

    I look forward to following your journey. My journey towards a more mindful creative life has been both challenging and rewarding. Once your eyes have opened to the light and color your entire perspective of the world will be changed positively.


    1. daretodream2016blog says:

      Thank you for responding. I would like to know more about your challenges and how you are facing them. Where and when did your journey begin? Who encouraged you to pursue your dreams of becoming an artist?
      Time management seems to be the biggest challenge for me currently, as I pursue my passions—writing, painting, and coaching. After teaching and cooking dinner for my family, I work through my writing goals, but things take longer than the time that I have allotted for them.
      What gives you the courage to try new things and do things in creative ways? How do you balance teaching full time in the classroom and preparing for gallery openings in your spare time. What are the rewards that you are reaping? How has your perspective changed?


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