Building confidence
in parenting

We are the resource to help build confidence in your biggest job…PARENTING. Helping you to plant the seeds for a healthier relationship with your child.


I'm Lynda Dell

I started Resilient Families Thrive to cultivate daily practices that help moms grow more resilient, loving, happier families that thrive.

I provide research backed, science-based solutions to help you plant the seeds for a healthier relationship with yourself and with your preschool and school-age kids, spouse, family, and friends.

I empower you to parent with less guilt and more confidence, to be more responsive and less reactive, and to show up to be your best self, so that your family can do more than survive living in uncertain times: They can thrive! 

Miss Lynda taught at my sons’ preschool; my younger son was fortunate to have her as a classroom teacher, and both of my sons knew and loved her. She is incredibly enthusiastic, intentional, and generous, and we were blessed to have her as part of our sons’ lives in their earliest and most formative years! 

Elizabeth Matthew


Lynda and I have connected through our love of children. With a shared vision for the future, we continue to be resources for each other while striving to support parents, caregivers and educators.

Charle Peck

Certified-Trauma Educator, Advancing Humanity Podcaster

My daughter was so lucky to have Lynda as a preschool teacher. From the start of the school year, it was clear that Lynda was an amazing educator. She has a warm and caring presence that helped all the children relax and really open up with her. My daughter learned so much from Lynda, not just academically but also interpersonally. Lynda's passion for my child's growth and development also extended beyond the classroom. She was always happy to talk through any issues with us (sleep, potty training, etc.) and her wealth of knowledge makes her an indispensable resource for parents. 

Sarah E. Magen


Lynda, you are a person who cares deeply about others.  You take the time to notice others, their strengths and gifts and you get intentionally curious about them, which all leads to making the other person feel seen, heard and appreciated. This is a gift.  You also take the time to share people’s gifts through your writing, again, allowing others to fee heard and valued. 

Jodi Silverman

Founder of Moms Who Dare Community

Lynda’s biggest strength is her compassion for creating a warm environment for her students that she teaches. Lynda works with younger children and she uses her puppets to teach them, and they learn so much. I admire how creative she can be.

Shari Manjorin

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I have had the pleasure of going to Lynda Dell many times for advice with my 14-year-old son who has high functioning autism. As such, he has many fears that stop him in his tracks. During COVID-10, Lynda listened to my son's fears and taught him deep breathing techniques, that not only helped him quickly but he, in turn, came back to teach me. Lynda is gifted with young children, uses her compassion and years of teaching experience, and is a genuine gift for parents of all children, during both difficult and challenging times and celebratory times. Everyone should be lucky enough to work with Lynda Dell. Debra Wallace, Mom Lynda has always been kind, caring, and compassionate. She listened as I poured my heart out with all my personal problems. She has given me insight and tools to help me with my daughter, son, and granddaughter.

Gabe Smith


Millennial moms

You effortlessly resolve the most complex problems for clients, yet you are baffled by your “mini-me” daughter, who speaks like an adult but whines like a tot. “I want to go right now!” Or, “I want my —” So, you find yourself scrambling to make her happy. When the key to her happiness is inside of her.

Helicopter Moms

You’ve always been super sensitive and now your child is too. Sensitivity is good, if you’re in touch with your feelings, but not if it stops you from say leaving the house or tagging along with a parent at the store. But what if you as a parent can learn to better understand and manage your emotions and help your child to do the same?

Feeling Guilty

It’s hard enough to raise kids, but when you have to do it alone, it can be exhausting and draining. So, how do single parents rediscover the joy of parenting?

Articles on empowering families

  • Discover tools to explore, understand, and manage a full range of emotions (for you and your children)
  • Develop better self-care habits
  • Strengthen your relationships.
  • Introduce fun ways to embrace gratitude